What is it?

Hoard it is a prototype created for A Game By It's Cover 2017. It's not done yet I'm afraid - but I need to upload it to be able to submit to the jam in time!

You can walk around random dungeons, open chests and murder hapless skeletons as it is. I'll be updating it over the next week or so with an actual metagame, cause it's too interesting to waste in it's current state!

How to Play?

Arrows to move, X to attack, and C to unlock doors if you have the key. R to regenerate the level.


  • If the game doesn't respond to key presses, try clicking into the game "window" before pressing keys.
  • If the game doesn't run at all, you likely either need a better browser (try firefox or chrome for best compatibility), or to enable javascript.
  • If you continue to have issues and you want to help me fix it, please open the developer tools (hit f12) and send me any logs from the console.
  • No sound on Safari: take it up with Apple, Vorbis is free/open.

Development log


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i think you should add a limit to the speed of your attacks, because you can basically just spam attack and destroy everything in your way

Thanks Alexander - I agree, and I'd love to make some changes when I get time.
This is just a prototype though - to try out the idea, for a game jam. It is currently in suspended animation.

i would love to see this taken further.

seems pretty cool. But I ran into bugs/features?: 1. the enemies didnt kill or attacked me 2. I aquiered the key but I didnt get through the door with the lock on it. Ohhh just saw the describtion. Then I would say maybe make it a avoiding the enemy game at least I had fun with it and its possible. Get rid of the attack and maybe put the controls as floortiles into the starting room. Just a idea. I liked the game

Nice animation and movement, seems like a good start!