Combat and Generation Updates

First update for Hoard It!

I'll admit, it's not as wide-reaching as I'd like, as I still really need to get like, dying and loot in, but there's enough of an improvement that I wanted to post it here.

  • Level generation improved
    • Improved key/boss placement
    • Improved loot placement
    • Variable dungeon size
    • More level pieces added
    • Better floor tile generation
    • More information "decided" before actually putting down the tiles (important for metagame)
  • Skeleton murder
    • Skeletons (both mook and boss) take damage and die
    • They uh, cant hurt you yet (though they sure pretend like they can)
  • GUI design underway
  • A fair bit of miscellaneous code progress

The first batch of weapons by myself and Alex McDonald (@Cannonbreed)

Next version should have a rudimentary menu and ability to die at the very least. Then I've got to get those weapons in, and figure out how deep I want to go down the metagame tunnel!

As always, you can play the game directly on the itch page.

Have fun!


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