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i think you should add a limit to the speed of your attacks, because you can basically just spam attack and destroy everything in your way

Thanks Alexander - I agree, and I'd love to make some changes when I get time.
This is just a prototype though - to try out the idea, for a game jam. It is currently in suspended animation.

i would love to see this taken further.

seems pretty cool. But I ran into bugs/features?: 1. the enemies didnt kill or attacked me 2. I aquiered the key but I didnt get through the door with the lock on it. Ohhh just saw the describtion. Then I would say maybe make it a avoiding the enemy game at least I had fun with it and its possible. Get rid of the attack and maybe put the controls as floortiles into the starting room. Just a idea. I liked the game

Nice animation and movement, seems like a good start!