You are the AI of Humanity's mission to the stars; Time means little to a mind with a power-saving deep sleep mode.

Command an advanced interstellar probe via a direct serial link. Equipped with deep cycle power stores, photovoltaics, SSTO propulsion, atmospheric and mineral extraction systems, and a limited star chart; your mission is to explore the final frontier and establish first contact with any extraterrestrial life you might find.

You may outlive your species. You may lose sight of your goal. You may discover a terrible secret, or be destroyed before you have a chance to.

Bracewell was developed for the Fermi Paradox Jam

Bracewell is not finished, but I wanted to share it anyway. Thanks to Katie and Loren for putting on the Jam!

Currently in:

  • Travel
  • Fuel
  • Extraction
  • Landing
  • Launching

Currently out:

  • Communication
  • Refinery
  • Signal Processing
  • Intelligent life

I'll try to continue development over the next few weeks to complete what I envisioned for it. For now, it's just a curiosity :)

AuthorMax Cahill
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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