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Hallucinet is an interactive visualisation tool. It uses magic technology to make pretty colourful pictures, and looping animations.

It does produce intense flashing visuals in some cases, so photosensitive individuals should proceed with caution.

While it is currently a prototype, if your computer has a GPU from this decade, you can likely use Hallucinet today!

Recommended uses:

  • Visual Stimulation/Fun
  • Wallpaper Generation (can save out lossless PNG images)
  • Screensaver (in dedicated screensaver mode)

In my opinion, best enjoyed with music.

  • Put on whatever music gets you going and explore!
  • Perfect loop animation and lossless image output means it's not hard to integrate into music videos. Direct video output may be possible in future.
  • Likely possible to use as part of live sets; either interactive, or recorded as video.
  • Options to use track-driven inputs planned, but not yet implemented.


If you appreciate the software, donations of any size are very welcome!

If you want to use hallucinet for any small commercial purpose*, I require you pay at least 10 dollars here on itch. If you want to use it for something bigger, please get in touch.
*example small commercial purposes: accompanying an indie music set, monetised youtube videos, public video displays, wallpaper packs

Feature Requests, Bug Reports, Comments:

Any constructive feedback is appreciated! Please use the community here on itch, or the feedback form.

Magic Technology and Inspiration:

Hallucinet uses randomly initialised neural nets and carefully controlled inputs to generate its images. The texture, colour, and character of the output depends on the network's width and depth, and the distribution of the weights it is initialised with. Inputs are constructed to vary with time in a looping fashion, and several different types of input data generator are present. I'm still experimenting with how to get as much visual variety out of the networks as possible.

This process was inspired by a lot of different technical artists and art projects, as well as some academic work; including Inigo Quilez and the wider host of shadertoy creators, Saskia Freeke's daily geometric art, Tuan Le's work on generating abstract art with neural networks, Apophysis and other fractal renderers, and the electric sheep project (among others!).



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